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I specialize in helping women heal from the inside out and find fulfillment, peace, empowerment, happiness, success, abundance & meaning in this complex and ever-changing world.

I enjoy assisting women in reclaiming their power, ditching perfectionism, letting go of controlling tendencies, ending self sabotage and procrastination, recognizing their true value and worth, and realizing their visualizations and dreams in real life by taking action.

As a busy mom of 4, a wife to a busy man, a dog mom and an ADHD and Anxiety advocate – I completely understand the daily struggle and fight you may be going through in dealing with the stresses of trauma and the difficulties of today’s strange world.

It is my goal to help you discover and collapse the things that you feel are holding you back from being your best self and awaken to new possibilities for living your best life!

I also have a background in Psychology as well as Nutrition & Dietetics, am a Master 3 EFT Practitioner and Energy Coach.

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