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Why use an EFT Practitioner?

Tapping is a great form of therapy to administer to yourself or do with a certified practitioner virtually or in person.  So how do you know what you need or will work best for you and the challenges you’re facing? Whether you work with Theresa privately doing EFT or enroll in her exclusive program “Becoming More Me with EFT” to learn all the basic and more advanced approaches to tapping on your own (OR BOTH!!), here are reasons why working WITH or learning from a Master Practitioner might be advantageous to you: 

1.       A professional hears things differently than you hear them.  The ability to tune into the problem is the most important factor for success. Things you may dismiss from your mind are actually things that could produce the most benefit.

2.       A professional will ask different questions. Questions you may not have thought to ask are now being brought to light for exploration.  A different perspective or angle. Even experienced EFT practitioners tap with each other from time to time.

3.       There is power in numbers.  Like all energy work, the effect is increased when there is more than one person participating. Liken it to rolling a boulder up a hill. Someone else may know a better slope to roll that boulder up. Many hands make light work and sometimes having someone else do the tapping on us can make all the difference.

4.       A professional should have knowledge that may take lots of time to uncover on your own.  There are many techniques and tapping points and a professional should be able to guide you to the best fit for you. 

5.       Often times when we are under stress we are incapable of knowing how to move ahead.  A trained EFT Practitioner can help prioritize the best place to start. There are also gentle approaches to use that don’t re-traumatize the client.

6.       It can be very healing to have someone else see the beauty in us that we cannot see in ourselves. And simply to know we are not alone.

7.       And finally, you may just want the help. Not everyone wants to become proficient in EFT, there are those who just want to have the benefit of someone else’s expertise and get their problem solved.